Hey, working Mama!

Looking for tools and activities to keep your kids engaged... and actually fit them into your packed schedule?

The Playtime Planner monthly membership comes with everything you need to plan EASY (and memory-making) activities that range from hands-off to winning the week! The best part? Prep takes less than an hour!

Ready for Major Mom Wins?

We help in 3 easy steps!

1. Become a Playtime Planner Member

Every month, subscribers will receive our Playtime Planner templates, 10 themed printable activities, a checklist your kids will love to fill out, AND a step-by-step prep guide with videos.

2. Prep the Month in Less Than an Hour!

Set aside an hour at the beginning of the month to use the prep guide. You can watch the tutorial videos while you plan your month and set up your activities. Or watch Netflix. It's flexible!

3. Enjoy Your Easier Weekly Routine

Your kids will love the activities you planned AND you'll lose the Mom guilt about keeping your kids busy! They'll be engaged, you'll be proud, and your week will feel more calm.

Is keeping your kids busy during the week a familiar struggle?

Your schedule, your playtime, your way.

The Playtime Planner is a unique tool for working moms who want to create their own version of a family-focused routine.

Our tools for parents AND kids empower everyone to feel more accomplished during the week.

Our monthly membership is perfect for busy families who want to add whimsy without complex lists or prep.

It takes just 1 hour of your time to plan and prep your entire month of activities - low energy fun!

Our activity shop is filled with ready-to-play activities that add extra joy to your weekly routine.


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