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Introducing: The Playtime Planner Printable Activity Membership

Busy moms rejoice! This monthly kids' activity membership curates 10+ easy and fun activities and printable planners to help you fit it into your life!

If you love planners, kids activities, and making your life a little easier, this news is for you. I’m so excited to finally have this printable activity membership (that also includes planning pages) setup and live! It’s not like the other printable activity sheets you know; it’s truly a subscription you’re going to look forward to receiving each month.

printable kids activity pages
Here’s a look at a few of the pages and activities for July.

First, there are three subscription options to choose from, depending on what suits your need.

Option 1: Digital Printable Membership

This membership includes the following:

  • Themed Printable Planner pages for you to organize the activities for the month
  • 10+ Printable activities with simple instructions and supply lists (many of the items you likely have at home)
  • A visual checklist (or bucket list) to hang on the wall to motivate your kids and start teaching executive functioning skills

Who is this membership for?

  • The mom who likes doing activities but doesn’t have time to search for and pick out activities that are easy to do
  • The kid who enjoys doing activities and checking them off a bucket list
  • The mom who doesn’t mind gathering supplies if someone tells her what to gather. She might have the supplies at home already but not use them as much as she wishes.

Option 2: Digital files included and printed activity pages and basic supplies mailed

activity prints mailed to your house

This membership includes all of the digital membership PLUS:

  • All activity pages printed in full color on thick paper and shipped to your door
  • Most supplies for activities shipped to your door

Who is this membership for?

  • Anyone who doesn’t own a printer but wants the printed pages
  • The mom who knows her kids like doing activities but doesn’t keep craft supplies around the house or want to spend time finding the activities to do
  • The kid who enjoys doing activities and checking them off a bucket list

Option 3: Digital activity files included and printed kids activity pages and basic supplies and a monthly themed mini sensory kit mailed

printable activity membership

This membership includes all of the above two memberships PLUS:

  • A mini homemade playdough sensory kit themed for the month

Who is this membership for?

  • Anyone who values activities and playtime for and with their kids but can’t find the time to put together those activities and could use someone else doing it for them.
  • The mom and kids who love sensory play and know all about the benefits (or want to implement it more in their lives)

See what it’s all about! Download a sample activity with instructions!

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    Once you join, you’ll be able to login monthly to a member portal to access your printable activity membership downloads. You can learn more about shipping schedules and billing here. Can’t wait to have you as a member! Please reach out to me with any questions you might have!

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