The Playtime Planner helps you define your own "mom wins".

Our methodology focuses on helping you prioritize in the moment. Our membership is designed to help you spend more quality time with your kids but also have engaging, low-mess activities at your fingertips when you need to keep your kids busy. Get started by picking your membership!

Why is The Playtime Planner the best method for busy moms like you?

All of our themed activities range from keeping kids busy without a tablet to sharing special time for an hour on the weekend. Imagine having the right type of activity ready to go at each moment that you need it…

That’s what the Playtime Planner Method will do for you & your children!

This isn’t about rigid structures or set in stone plans; this method sets you up with flexible options depending on household moods and last minute change of plans.

An added bonus? You’ll be teaching your kids life skills along the way! Each month of activities will include pre-reading and pre-writing strategies. We also craft our activities to include fine and gross motor strengthening as well as speech development progress.

Additionally, the included monthly checklist and other freebies that will be added to the blog at various times each month will introduce executive functioning skills that set each child up for success as they get older.

Kids love checking things off – our monthly printable for kids helps everyone be excited for the activities. Checklists even help prep for executive functioning, an important skill for every kiddo.

All in all, The Playtime Planner method bridges “I am helping you” and “I’m creating a memory with you!”

Playtime Planner Weeks are broken up into

3 Unique Activity Categories

Win the Week Activities

Core Memory-Makers

How do you keep yourself from falling into the trap of mom guilt? The first step is to define for yourself what activity will make you feel that you “won the week”! Maybe it's a trip to the zoo or trying a new cookie recipe with your kiddo. Win the Week activities from The Playtime Planner are very hands-on with full parental involvement. They often lead to really special connections and fun outcomes. The time commitment is usually 45+ minutes.

Midweek Moment Activities

Connection Opportunities

The good news: you DO have time in your busy schedule to spend quality time with your child. It just takes a little upfront work! With The Playtime Planner method, our Midweek Moment activities help make your routine more manageable and fun. The activities (typically arts and crafts) are also created to help both you & your child to slow down the chaos and connect. They're intentionally created to be minimal mess and only take around 30 minutes.

Weekday Wonder Activities

100% Child-Driven

With everything you have going on, you need something to just hand off to your kids while you cook, clean, or get some self-care in. Weekday Wonder activities are designed to keep your kiddos busy without a screen. They're fully prepped activities that engage your children in productive play or open-ended creation. These will the the star of your weekly activity plan - you will want to keep an eye on them, but you won’t need to be an active participant.

About Our Founder

Meghan Campagna

Hi, I’m Meghan! I’m a busy mom to Olivia (5) and Maddie (3). 

Before I went on maternity leave with my youngest, I spent about an hour on Pinterest (and $150 on Amazon) to get a full list of activities planned and prepped for my oldest. These activities allowed me to entertain my toddler while I was occupied with my newborn.

This process was magical and made an incredible difference in my maternity leave. I loved the ideas and activities so much that I continued this practice to this day!

Maddie has developmental delays and sensory processing disorder. We have spent a ton of time in Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy, and I’ve learned skills and strategies that help children develop through play. 

My love for teaching runs deep – I have my Masters in Education and have been teaching middle school for 14+ years. I also love arts, crafts, and planners – I spent my childhood crafting at a blue Fisher-Price table in the kitchen instead of playing dolls.  

I created The Playtime Planner as a culmination of all of these experiences and areas of expertise. I started this business in August 2021 originally as “Liv & Maddie Creative” selling sensory kits. Maddie became my number one customer and Olivia my business partner.

In November 2021, I grew into The Playtime Planner to give busy moms like you the tools and plans to feel in control of your family’s schedule… even as life outside your home continues to rush by. 


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