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Stop the Pinterest overwhelm: 3 steps to more organized Pinterest boards

Want to organize Pinterest in a way so that you actually DO the activities you pin? Setup your system with these instructions to make your Pinterest experience organized instead of a time waster.
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How often do you find yourself looking for something on Pinterest and then scrolling and pinning endlessly, only to forget those pins exist just days later? If you’re like me, you get easily excited about all the new kids activities you find when searching, but then you you’ve wasted your time finding the activity that you’ll likely never go back to do. I call this Pinterest overwhelm.

I’m here to show you how to redefine the idea of a “Pinterest mom” and use it in a manageable way so you’ll actually complete the activities you find. With my easy organization system, you’ll stop wasting time scrolling Pinterest, find and pin kids activities you want to do, and actually go back to those pins.

I’m not saying that you have to stop pinning all the pins to all the boards; I’m just going to show you how to manage some of those things you pinned in a way that actually helps you do them!

Step 1: Create 5 boards

These five boards will start your organized Pinterest experience and should be labeled as follows

  • Playtime Planner Brainstorm
  • Win the Week
  • Midweek Moment
  • Weekday Wonder
  • This month

Step 2: Note the purpose of each board

  • Playtime Planner Brainstorm
    • Use this board as a landing page. Pin to this board anything that you can actually see yourself doing in the next month and/or have some of the materials on hand.
  • Win the Week
    • Once you’ve purchased necessary items or know you have all items on hand, move a pin here if it will take 45+ minutes and/or need full adult supervision to be successful.
  • Midweek Moment
    • Move pins here if they’ll take ~30 minutes but will create minimal mess or setup with some parental connection. These are the activities you can do midweek to connect with your kids with ease. You should have all supplies before you move the items here.
  • Weekday Wonder
    • These pins will be things meant to keep kids busy. They should require very little if any prep and require minimal parental involvement. You need to have the supplies before pinning here.
  • <Name of current Month>
    • During your monthly planning session, go through the other boards and pin to this board the activities that you choose for your prep. By planning your months in advance, you’ll know how many activities you’ll need, and between the activities provided in the Playtime Planner pack and other activities you enjoy at home, you know how many you need on this board.

Step 3: Pin to the boards at these times!

Anytime you’re scrolling Pinterest:

  • Pin to the Playtime Planner Brainstorm board! This is meant to be your landing page, but make sure you’re only putting things here you’d actually see yourself doing, otherwise it’s just going to lead to more Pinterest overwhelm.

Once per week (pick a time):

  • Spend a few minutes going through the brainstorm board
  • Identify activities you have the supplies for or want to get the supplies for.
  • Order supplies (if necessary)
  • Pin each Pin you can complete to one of the following boards, depending on time and parental involvement: Win the Week, Midweek Moment, Weekday Wonder

Once per month (during your playtime prep):

  • Review your Win the Week, Midweek Moment, and Weekday Wonder boards
  • Based on how many of each activities you’ll need for the month, pin the number of choices from each board with the title as the activity type (Win the week, midweek moment, etc.).

After finishing an activity:

  • Move that activity pin from that month back to the categorized board if you’ll do it again
  • Delete the pin completely if the activity was a bust

Putting these systems in place is the first step to having organized Pinterest boards and ACTUALLY using them.

Start your organized Pinterest boards now!

Go set up these 5 boards! If you want to do more, move things you love from your current boards onto The Playtime Planner brainstorm board. Start now and you’re on your way to a more useful and organized Pinterest experience!

Love these tips and want another system to make your kids’ activity planning life simpler? Subscribe to my email list and join my month subscription. You’ll get everything you need to plan out your month and get rid of the mom guilt.

Pin this pin to help others setup more organized Pinterest boards and actually start doing their activities!

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