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December Printables: Paper Plate Wreath

Here's a free holiday activity using a household favorite: paper plates!
paper plate wreath craft finished product

Paper plate crafts are one of our favorite types of crafts. I keep a stack of inexpensive round paper plates in an easy to access place all the time, and Olivia grabs them for all sorts of abstract or concrete crafts. That love of paper plate crafts (and knowing I’m not the only one who loves them…) is why I included the wreath printable in the December playtime planner activity pack.

Scroll down to see the easy steps and get the link to download the printables!

Olivia was very particular about the way she glued her decorations onto the wreath.

This activity is so easy to setup for a variety of ages. For younger kids, you should cut everything out ahead of time and lay out the pieces on a separate paper plate so that the activity is gluing the decorations to the wreath. For older kids (4-8), let them cut out the pieces they want to use and maybe even cut out the extra pieces for a younger sibling who is making their own.

Supplies needed:

  • printable
  • paper plate (optional)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • pompoms, glitter glue, gems, etc (TOTALLY optional)

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    1. Download the pages
    2. Print the pages
    3. Cut out the wreath and decorations
    4. Glue the wreath to a paper plate (or skip the paper plate if you don’t have one).
    5. Add the adornments wherever you please.
    6. Optional: Fancy it up a little! Lay out gems, glitter glue, pom poms, and other items to be glued on next. Though definitely not required, if you’re looking to get a little extra time out of the activity, this is the way to do it.

    Make it special by hanging it on your child’s door or on the refrigerator. Then take a picture and send it to me so I can see too! I hope your kids love this craft and you enjoy looking at the finished product.

    Olivia’s finished product

    Is hanging a wreath on your front door a normal part of your decor? Do you add one for Christmas?

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