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You'll love the peace and quiet {and learning and fun} that dot marker activities provide! These letter pages will be a fast favorite.
dot marker letter printable pages

Looking for a mess-free painting activity? Dot markers are the way to go.

Want something to do on a slow Saturday afternoon? Dot markers.

Need something quick to grab after work to occupy the kids without screens? Do you know I’m going to say dot markers?

We’ve had the same set of dot markers in our house for at least three years, and they still have paint in them and still are a favorite to pull out.

Pair the dot markers with purposeful activity pages and you’ve got not only a fun activity but also an educational one. And in all honestly, when’s the last time you turned up an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone?

Dot marker activities are great for different ages

I made these dot marker letter pages to be good for kids of multiple ages. My 6 year old and 3 year old did them today, and you can see the work over the 6 year old versus the 3.

My 6 year old not only did the dot markers all in the dots, but she also colored the pictures and then did her best to write the words underneath the pictures. She only did it with the A, as that one took about 15 minutes.

My 3 year old, on the other hand, just did the B dots. Her sister helped her with the butterfly. She wasn’t really interested in it, because I had the kinetic sand nearby. She has Angelman Syndrome, so she’s much more interested in sensory activities than coloring and painting.

dot letter coloring pages

How to modify dot marker alphabet pages for each age level

2 year olds:

  • practice vocabulary building by naming the pictures and coloring them
  • use dot markers or dot stickers to color the dots in the letters

3-4 year olds:

  • practice naming the letter while using the dot markers
  • practice writing the letter in the white space (it will be barely recognizable as the same letter)
  • say the names of the pictures and emphasize the letter sound

5-6 year olds:

  • create patterns with the colors of the dot markers
  • color the pictures in the lines
  • attempt writing the words under the pictures
  • practice writing the letter in upper case and lower case in the white space

Download three dot marker letters for free

Want three letters for free?!

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    Other ways to use the dot marker pages

    • Glue pompoms to the letters
    • Cut out the letters to practice scissor skills
    • Glue gems to the letters

    Other low-prep activities

    I call dot marker activity pages low-prep activities, because you can grab them and get them setup in less then five minutes. This is my entire goal in most of what I do with my kids.

    Low-prep activities should be a staple in your house, and if you want to learn more about how to use them and how to find them (plus get more activities), grab my Low-Prep Starter Guide below!

      Or, you can also get all the alphabet pages in my shop!

      Post your pictures on Instagram and tag me! I can’t wait to see your beautiful works of art!

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