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Mermaid Playdough Sensory Jar


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What a fun sensory kit this is! Your 3-7 year old will love using the contents for all kinds of fun sensory play. You will buy yourself quiet time, and you’ll love seeing how much your kids can enjoy one activity for an extended period of time.



Throw the playdough jar in your purse or travel bag and enjoy hours of screen-free fun on the road or when you’re out to eat or waiting on a sibling at practice.

This playdough jar contains purple and aqua homemade playdough in addition to a mermaid figure, shells, pearls, and other mermaid accessories.

Sensory play promotes fine motor skill development and promotes language skills in addition to numerous other benefits.

1 review for Mermaid Playdough Sensory Jar

  1. Jessica (verified owner)

    Love this! Fun sensory gift that will keep your child busy for hours! It’s super cute too!

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