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Easter Playdough Sensory Kit Standard Size


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Get this Easter playdough kit to fill your Easter Basket or use as an Easter activity.

It’s filled with tons of activities for sensory play, fine motor development, and fun!



Do you find yourself wanting to have easy, go-to activities for your kids without the hassle of collecting supplies and setting them up? Do you love celebrating holidays with your kids but don’t always have it together to get the parts and pieces to make the memories you want?

Let me make it easy for you to have those fun, seasonal, go-to activities on hand with homemade playdough sensory kits. Inside, your child will find themed parts that will engage them for hours on end. You’ll love watching the amazement and excitement your kids get from these kits.

This Easter kit includes:

  • Easter charms
  • foam Easter Eggs
  • foam carrots
  • Easter cutter
  • bunny and duck charms
  • pipe cleaners
  • gems
  • furry chicks
  • bunny and carrot wood beads
  • playdough

This sensory free play supports language development, builds nerve connections in the brain, and develops fine motor skills. Plus, you’ll get free time to work, cook dinner, or have a moment to yourself.

This play dough sensory kit includes all things shown in the picture. There may be slight variations in color and style of certain items.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 cm


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