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Mermaid Playdough Sensory Standard Kit


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What a fun sensory kit this is! Your 3-7 year old will love using the contents for all kinds of fun sensory play. You will buy yourself quiet time, and you’ll love seeing how much your kids can enjoy one activity for an extended period of time.



How often do you find yourself needing a quick activity to keep your kids busy? This is the solution you need! With an incredible variety of mermaid themed accessories and two colors of homemade playdough, you can rest assured that you’ll get done what you need to do. Plus, it’s an educational activity where kids don’t even know they’re learning!

This play dough kit contains purple and aqua homemade play dough in addition to two mermaid figures, kinetic sand, and loose sensory parts.

Sensory play promotes fine motor skill development and promotes language skills in addition to numerous other benefits.


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