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    Trying to figure out more ways to keep kids occupied without screens while you get it all done?

    Fun kids’ activities don’t have to be complicated or messy, nor do they need to take a lot of time to set up.

    The truth is that once you learn how to find easy activities and have a few favorites to turn to, your kids be on screens less AND you’ll also feel like you’ve figured a better work/life balance

    If you feel like your weeks are a constant grind and you don’t even have time to think about activities for your kids, much less do them, The Working Mom’s Low-Prep Kids’ Activity Starter Guide is perfect for you! It will show you how to:

    Plus, it includes six activities you can do with things you (probably) have at your house right now!

    The best part? Its completely free!

    "My toddler is high energy, I am not. Couple that with being a full time mom and playtime always feels like it falls flat! This play pack is fantastic! It’s sooo easy to put the activities together and you literally have most of the supplies in your house! My daughter loved the sensory bin, and I was encouraged knowing I was able to easily provide her a stimulating activity even when my energy is low!"
    - Ashley H.

    Hi, I’m Meghan!

    founder of the playtime planner

    Mama, I know exactly what it’s like to get home from work and it seems like everyone & everything needs me… and I feel like I can’t make it all happen. 

    Balancing work life and home life is hard! That’s why I created simple systems in my weekly routine to make sure I always have easy activity ideas and a few basic supplies on hand. 

    Sometimes I still turn to the screens when I decide it’s okay with me, but by having a plan in place for what my girls will do when we get home in the afternoons, I’m able to feel good about my choices.

    Sometimes those plans are simple things like coloring or playdough, and other times my plans mean I can sit and enjoy some hang out time with them during the week. But no matter what, planning our activities in advance always gives me the “mom win” feeling.

    The first step to getting this all in place was learning how to find and use low-prep activities. I created my Working Mom’s Low-Prep Kids’ Activity Starter Guide for moms like you.

    I know that with a few simple tweaks to your weekly routine, you’ll feel the mom wins too! Plus, the six activity plans I included in this guide are some favorites in our house (so I KNOW they work and will be well-loved by your kids too)!

    Get my guide now!

      We care about your privacy and will never share or compromise your data. Thanks for your trust!